Leave Your Bathroom Remodel to the Experts

Bathroom remodeling, no matter how small the changes to be made, is not a job for an amateur. Even DIY experts should not attempt this job! Call for the best of bathroom remodeling contractors in Austin Texas and leave it to the professionals. Everything from execution of the plumbing to the final finish will be taken care of by these services. All you have to do is the fun part of choosing what you want and then you sit back and relax when your dream bathroom is getting built! Call now! Read More

A bathroom that is modern and has all the basics like sink, toilet, tub and shower in their proper places is a pleasure to use. Add aesthetics and creativity to this and voila! you have a work of art! The best way to achieve a bathroom that is functional and modern too is by calling and speaking to one of our experienced bathroom remodeling contractors in Austin. Even an old bathroom that is small can be made into a perfect space by these professionals, so call now!

Remodeling your bathroom? All you have to do is decide on the budget and what you want done. Then you can call us and leave it to the experts! You can sit back and relax while your bathroom gets the perfect makeover. Whether you are changing the plumbing and floor plan or just getting a new look with new tiles and fittings, all you need to do is call in the professionals!

The reason why anyone chooses to remodel is for improving on the existing room. If your bathroom is not adequate anymore and you have decided on remodeling, ensure that you do not settle for amateurs for the job. Not choosing the right remodeling contractors can defeat the entire purpose of the remodeling project. You will spend tons of money on repairs frequently in the future. Avoid all this, and give us a call for a free estimate.

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Tips For Your Remodel

Having a beautiful yet functional bathroom in part of your home is like a dream. It has the feeling of luxurious, peaceful, and relaxing, when you design it right. There are some placement tips you can follow for your Bathroom Floor Plans.


For the sinks position, it should be accessible. From right away when you enter the bathroom and when you finish using the toilets. In a master bathroom, the sink configuration aligns which commonly find is two sinks with cabinetry. The common size is 21” x 72” for two sinks. But if the master bathroom has larger spaces, the sinks can be arranged with separate cabinets. So, you can have a personal countertop.


Placing the water closets should be out of the sight lines. Better if you can, place the toilet in a small room. But if you can’t, you still need to place it near the sinks. The toilets room size can be 72” x 36” for more latitude. You also need to install a small window for air circulation. Or at least you can install a fan on this small room.


A tub is the essential elements of the large bathroom design. Although you don’t use the tubs frequently, it is still the most desired item. The placement of the tubs is important. You need to choose an open floor place around the tubs, so you can enter or exit the tubs easily. Choosing the type of tubs is also important because it can be the focal point of your bathroom.


The placement of shower is also important. Shower area is a place with lots of moisture and overspray, so it should be positioned within water-resistant areas. You have two options. Place it on the open space or make a shower room. When you want to make it more open to the space, what should you do is make the floor divider so the moisture won’t spray out outside the area. Or if you want more private shower area, you can choose enclosed room with glass walls divider. This kind of placement will make you showering without worry about the overspray.

Additional Storage

This is optional. You can choose to install additional storage to store the linens in different area instead of only using cabinetry and drawers within the sinks. Choose the ideal area that far from the wettest areas such as shower or tubs.

Instead of designing a small bathroom, a master bathroom has more flexibility in the floor plan. You can get enough space to include all the elements of bathroom. With the right placement, you can all the right function in your bathroom.

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