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Cabinets can be a major portion of your kitchen/bath investment, and often topic homeowners aren’t as familiar with as they are with countertops and fixtures. ATX Remodeling Pros now offers the full line of custom cabinets to home builders and contractors as well as the area’s only the right experts for the job. Here are 5 reasons our clients love what our specialists look for.

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Cabinet companies apply finishes in different ways, and the wrong choice affects both looks and durability. Beware air-dried finishing in a potentially dusty environment. This adds finishes in a dedicated finish area with positive airflow (to keep dust out) and drying ovens to create a highly durable and ultra-smooth finish. How much finish is applied? Too little will affect durability as well. Multiple finishing steps make these finishes thicker and longer lasting. For example, its paints begin with two coats of pigmented primer, are hand-sanded in between and finished with final paint top coat, then oven-baked using halogen drying ovens.

Materials & Quality

Do you know what your cabinets are really made of? Our contractors purchasing department has access to the finest materials which are all quality inspected upon arrival. The American-made hardwood plywood used by our specialists is the best in the cabinet industry, featuring high end panels and high grade face veneers. Particleboard and MDF are also extremely durable choices.

  1. All cabinets are not created equal. Our cabinets utilize the talents of many of the nation’s best designers. The creative talents of these designers helps keep them on the cutting edge of custom cabinetry design. With years in the cabinet business, the company has completed many thousands of kitchens and bathrooms, refining its designs and products based on a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our manufacturers dedicated facilities and volume enable it to make many more decorative and custom pieces than other cabinet shops. On the homeowner’s end, independent dealers, including ATX Remodeling Pros in Austin and surrounding cities, have showrooms including displays, samples, and brochures to help homeowners through the design process. And our contractors provide detailed 3D renderings from an experienced kitchen designer to help clients visualize the finished look.
  2. Our Cabinet Installers are committed to backing the cabinet investment with a lifetime warranty. Other cabinet shops may say that, but will they be there for the lifetime of your kitchen? ATX Remodeling Pros Cabinets have been in business for years and going strong, and 15-year-old  will also be here to help. Our Specialists have an entire department dedicated to after-the-sale customer care. Should clients need additional parts, they get those parts quickly–as opposed to the frustrating experience of having to wait for a shop to complete its new currently profitable jobs to address a past customer’s issues.

Environmental Stewardship

ATX Remodeling Pros and our contractors clients care about the environmental impact of their home building and remodeling. These cabinets is certified under several green programs that can earn points Under LEED-2009. Crystal has documented policies for reducing waste, recycling waste and manufacturing by-products, conserving energy, and using recycled or rapidly-renewable materials in products and processes. The company’s strategic objective is to be a leader in green, both in terms of product offerings and manufacturing processes.

Planning for Kitchen Countertops

While cabinets are certainly important for any remodel, new construction, or addition, so are countertops.  Here is how to plan for kitchen countertops. Ideally, kitchens should have a plan before you start building your home. This will give a homeowner some leeway on plumbing, electricity, and gas layout.

Apart from kitchen countertops, large kitchen appliances can be plotted on a kitchen floor plan in advance, especially in relation to windows and doors. Adequate work and storage spaces should be taken into account. Parallel to these practical concerns, aesthetics is an important component of kitchen remodeling. As any professional interior designer will tell you, design and style will do much for improving a space.

For kitchen countertops there is the added necessity of choosing highly durable quality material. All kitchens need a counter for food preparation. Counters are also where we place smaller appliances, kitchen products, and accessories. Kitchen counters could also double as a table.

You can get ideas and examples for kitchen countertops from excellent designer kitchens that you admire. If you plan to sell your house in the future, here is a great tip to be able to sell your house quickly: choose the best kitchen design as part of your home improvement project and it is guaranteed to rise in value.

Kitchen Countertop Choices: Variations & Specifications

After you have figured out which of the many kitchen plans you are going to use for your dream kitchen, and after deciding on which of the design ideas you are going to select, there is another aspect to kitchen countertop choices. You will have to think of the right proportions for your countertop. There are standard measurements that you could follow for length and distances from windows, radiators, doors, kitchen sinks, and ranges. The height of kitchen countertops are variable according to your size, but generally a 32 inch distance from floor to counter surface is a comfortable working height. Another standard is a 24 inch minimum length for workspace distance. This refers to the areas on both sides of the stove and the kitchen sink.

Variations to these technical specifications are more than acceptable, for your comfort is what is important.

For other aspects of remodeling, there are variations in kitchen style which will depend on what kinds of kitchen countertops you choose to install. For instance, a kitchen island will be quite different from a regular countertop. Then there is the mobile kitchen. There will also be variations in color which will depend on countertop material.

Kitchen Countertop Materials

How to choose your kitchen countertop materials will depend on your taste and personality, your budget, and what kind of food preparations you will be doing. Maintenance is also important, so choose a material that is easier to clean. You can ask for product recommendations from the professionals. Here is a list of choices: granite, engineered stone, solid surface, wood or butcher block, stainless steel, soapstone, marble, concrete or cement, ceramic tile, and laminate kitchen countertops. You can also choose to have glass countertops.

Granite kitchen countertops are a good choice of material. It is expensive but will last a lifetime. Wood is the choice for a green home because it is a renewable material and quite stylish and practical. An inexpensive choice is the laminate countertop. However, this smooth coated plastic synthetic material is bound to have scratches that are not so easy to repair. An alternative is the ceramic tile. It is affordable, easy to install, and comes in many colors and design choices.

Since there are so many options when it comes to countertops and cabinets, it’s important to choose the right contractor for the job who will be able to guide you through the process, so you’re happy with the finished product.  At ATX Remodeling pros, that’s what we’re known for, so give us a call today for a free estimate!

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