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ATX Remodeling Pros is a leading builder of custom designed room additions.  We have established a reputation as being a premier builder of superior-quality room additions at reasonable prices and backed by excellent customer service! The contractors at ATX Remodeling Pros can provide you with a myriad of room addition design ideas and options, ensuring that you obtain the room addition style that you are desiring. Whether you are looking to expand the layout of your home, or simply looking to remodel within your home’s existing layout, we can provide you with a multitude of room addition possibilities.

Remodel with a Home Addition from ATX Remodeling Pros

The custom room additions built by our skilled home remodeling contractors are individualized to our customer’s wishes and needs. Those of use at ATX Remodeling Pros have family too; we know how important the home is. As such, our contractors utilize their construction expertise to provide our customers with a multitude of room addition design options to ensure that they are able to make the best informed decision about their new addition. Whether you are looking for a bedroom addition, second-story addition, kitchen or bath addition – our general contractors can provide you free price bids on numerous options allowing you to choose the room addition option that best meets your wants, wishes as well as your budget!

Backed by Superior Service

ATX Remodeling Pros has built and maintained a reputation as a leading room addition construction company by always giving 110% in customer service and follow-up support to each of our customers. As skilled general contractors, we are able to offer our customers with a wide array of addition design options for their home remodeling project. When it comes to room addition projects we provide only the highest of quality materials backed by leading industry warranties. If you are considering a new addition for your home, please give us a call to receive a no-obligation design consultation by one of our general contractors.


ATX Remodeling Pros provides multiple options to our customers, we want you to know your choices and price options. No matter what the size of your project, we can help meet your need by providing a custom room addition that incorporates superior materials and expert craftsmanship. The general construction contractors at William Construction Company are experts when it comes to home remodeling projects – including: custom home additions, sunroom additions, garden rooms and greenhouses, conservatories and solariums, patio room enclosures, custom pool enclosures and spa enclosures, and every other home remodeling project in-between! Our goal is to make sure your dream becomes a reality, and we won’t stop until that happens!

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Custom Patio Construction Services and Products

We offer a variety of options when it comes to patio covers.  We know how HOT the summers can get in Austin, so having quality protection from the blazing sun is a must have.  Here are just a few of your options:

• Custom Patio Covers: Aluminum Patio Covers, Wood Patio Covers, Alumawood Patio Covers.
• Custom Patio Sunrooms: ATX Remodeling Pros is one of Texas’ Leading Sunroom Installers.
• Custom Carports: We specialize in Residential Carports & Commercial Carports.
• Patio Room Enclosures: We build patio rooms, screen rooms and garden rooms.
• Patio Awnings: ATX Remodeling Pros is Austin’s leader in patio awning sales & installation.
• Swimming Pool Enclosures: ATX Remodeling Pros provides custom swimming pool & spa enclosures.
• Spa Enclosures: We are a leading spa enclosure sales & installation company.

ATX Remodeling Pros Can Help | Call Today – (512) 253-4386

Building room addition in your house will not only add more living space but will also raise the value of your home. Before starting a room addition project you should take into a consideration a number of factors: the value of other houses in your neighborhood, room addition costs, financing the project, room addition plans, schedules and the disruption to every-day life.

Evaluating the market
Before building room addition it is important to have room addition plans. You will have to think of what you are looking to achieve in this project, for example: what type of room do you want to add? How many square feet do you want it to be? Once you answer these two important questions you will need to find out the re-sale value of other improved homes with the same size in your own neighborhood. After having this information you will be able to assess the price difference between your current home values to a new improved one. The differences represent the max budget you should dedicate for this room addition project.

Now comes the important question- how to fund this building room addition t? If you didn’t save money for this project you will have to find out what are the financing options available for you. Home equity loan will be the best option if current mortgage rates are higher than your existing mortgage. Financing your home will be best if the current mortgage rates are lower than existing mortgage.

Room addition design
Now that you know how you will finance this room addition project it is time to deal with the fun stuff, the design: this means you will have to focus on the project’s scale, the aesthetics of it. The room addition should be blend with the rest of the house, it should look and feel like a continuation of the design flow. It shouldn’t be too big or too small. Sometimes homeowners add larger than needed living space without thinking of the exterior of their homes and how it would look. You should also consider how well the windows, elevations, siding and roof lines blend with the total look of your home. It should look as the original design of the house and not like an addition. If you are not going to hire an architect it is important that you have some sketches before hiring home addition contractor. For the best diamond bar addition contractor contact us today!

No matter what kind of addition you’re looking for, whether it’s interior or exterior, ATX Remodeling Pros is up to the challenge.  Give us a call today for your free estimate.

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