Quality Assurance

Austin Remodeling Pros offers unparalleled quality control systems to fulfill your individual QA parameters. We review your process instructions with you, along with specifications for ingredients, packaging, regulatory compliance, inventory management, and timetables in our USDA inspected facility.

We work with you one-on-one to implement customized quality control programs that address your specifications for ingredients, processing steps, environmental controls, critical factors, pack and fill, and physical, chemical and microbiological attributes of the finished product.

Analytic Testing: In-house analytic testing services underpin your quality control program, dovetailing with allergen control requirements and CCP monitoring and record-keeping for HACCP plans. As warranted by your product needs, we offer testing for pH, temperature, moisture, salt, viscosity, color, sensory evaluation, proximate analysis, and microbiological analysis to ensure precise, reliable compliance with your product specifications.

Furthermore, packaging control options include package integrity inspection, seal strength testing, head space analysis, portion weight, and package dimensions verification.

Allergen Control: We provide allergen control programs designed to manage your project risk. We work with you one-on-one to ensure that your kitchen specifications are fulfilled in every detail. Our GMPs include core controls for controlling allergen contamination throughout the flow of product, such as full segregation of allergenic ingredients in the warehouse, change-over matrix, pre-operational verification, label controls, and segregated lines for the flow of potentially allergenic ingredients in processing.

Documentation: ATX Remodeling Pros Quality Assurance is committed to providing the reporting you require in the format that works best for you. Our flexible options include data entry on to your private information systems, or delivery of documentation to your specifications.

Security: Austin Packaging Company is heavily invested in food security, meeting and exceeding industry regulations detailed in the US Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 and subsequent guidance, and in compliance with USDA Guidance for Industry. We are registered with the FDA and comply with all record-keeping provisions.

In addition, we have instituted comprehensive risk management policies & procedures for managing risks related to food tampering and terrorist activity within the food industry. Our systems include securing the physical perimeter, the building, processing systems, emergency systems, and all infrastructures; access control, comprehensive employee screening, diligent plant supervision, laboratory safety, reporting systems, as well as secure management of the flow of ingredients and finished products through receiving, storage, and usage.

To further ensure viability of all security systems, we provide ongoing employee training programs and conduct voluntary mock drills, ensuring functional preparedness for a variety of risk-related scenarios to manage the security of your food products.

Recall Plans: We maintain core record-keeping, lot tracking, communications, and computerized control systems for your products to enable a coordinated, efficient response to any recall requirements. The recall plan is tested at regular intervals to ensure it works, should a need ever arise.

Annual Audits:

  • 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 AIB Excellent Rating
  • Cook & Thurber Audit Score of 93.6%
  • NFPA audit in 2003
  • Customer-specific audits